Unknown -While  learning shaders in Unity I came across this demo of https://pixelartisland.itch.io/shadow-realm-demo

Loving the look I just had to incorporate this with my water shader.

With pixelartisland permitting me to reference the look and character I started to develop what I called Unknown

Thank you pixelartisland

The story for the game is still some unknown to me but so far I have a start.

You wake up not knowing who you are and how you got there. Follow this journey to discover the fantastic word filled with magic and suspense. 

Discovery yourself by how the world will react to the moral choices you make.

This is still early in prototype stages. Still trying out some mechanics.

Please leave your comments and suggestions below

No Sound yet Sorry!

    For any questions feel free to contact me at : settifeedback@gmail.com

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Controls are a bit of a mess I feel at this stage.....

Controls : 

  • Move Left - A
  • Move Right- D
  • Draw Sword - Q  ( if Available )
  • Lock facing Direction - R
  • Roll Forward - E
  • Roll Backward - When in Lock Direction , Walk Backwards + E
  • Attacks  Low- L
  • Attack Middle - K
  • Attack High - I
  • Interact - Z

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Updated 27 days ago
Published 29 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorDeon Smit
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Side Scroller


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This looks really cool! Will be keeping an eye on this game! 

Thanks for playing it!